About Us

Over the last 50 years we have conquered the diamond industry. Buying a gem requires trust. We believe trust is earned, not purchased and not requested. We have been continuously doing business for nearly fifty years under the leadership of Amnon Benjamini. Mr. Benjamini continues to run every aspect of operations and management. Through his long tenure, he has become a pivotal part of every level of the diamond industry from mining to jewelry design. 
Mr. Benjamini made his name in the wholesaling of diamonds; he is only now opening to the larger buying public. However, he never uses the word retailer because his mission is to bring the pricing of a wholesale distributor to the public at large. He is at the top of the food chain in the diamond industry in this country. When other providers offer “good” deals, they are generally buying from people at Mr. Benjamini level or “Benji” himself. They are acting only as middle men. Benjamini is one of the largest providers of diamonds in the USA. The close international relations he has forged in all aspects of diamond mining, productions and designs in Canada, Asia, Russia, and around the world has placed him in the unique position of effortlessly being able to make prices the lowest possible all day everyday. 
We have an ever-changing collection of precious jewels designed to impress with lasting, striking elegance. We are here to serve your needs. Beyond our existing vast selection, our gigantic production capacity gives us the ability to take any design you give us and make it for you. Our only limitation is your imagination and your desire.

All Bracelets Benji Jewlery Design is made-to-order and customizable. Learn more about our services to begin the journey of finding your perfect wedding band.