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How to Choose a Wedding Band That Suits Your Ring and Lifestyle

You’ve already said “yes” to your future spouse and engagement ring—now it’s time to pick the second most important ring of your life: your wedding band. While the engagement ring may take all the fanfare in terms of bridal jewelry, the wedding band is the piece you’ll probably spend the most time wearing post-nuptials. It’s important to find a ring that complements not only your engagement ring but also your lifestyle and changing tastes. There’s a lot to consider when making the purchase, so here are some expert tips on how to choose a wedding band.


1. Start your search early

Too often, couples wait until the last minute to shop for their wedding bands. If you want to end up with a ring you’ll love for a lifetime, you should begin shopping for it three to four months before your wedding, especially if you’re interested in a custom design.


2. Shop with your engagement ring

While there are no hard-and-fast rules about pairing your engagement ring with your wedding band, you should love the way they look together—as that’s often how you’ll wear them. It’s up to you whether you want the set to be a perfect match, or simply complementary. When you’re shopping for your wedding band, you should try on options both with your ring and without, to make sure you love the look worn both ways.


3. Keep your lifestyle in mind

Many people choose to wear their wedding band every day. If this sounds like something you’ll do, it’s important to keep your lifestyle in mind when choosing the right ring. If you’re super active, go to the gym regularly, or use your hands for work, you may want to choose a more durable wedding band option to prevent damage and premature wear. This also means considering the maintenance. The more intricate your wedding band, the more time and care you’ll have to invest in keeping it in tip-top shape. If you’re not into the extra upkeep, a simple, fuss-free gold or platinum ring never goes out of style.

4. Size it right

Accurate sizing is especially important when it comes to your wedding band. If you plan on rarely taking off your wedding band, it needs to be made to fit even when your fingers swell and contract—through hot and cold months, exercise, and even pregnancy. It is recommended that you schedule your ring fitting at a time when you’re relaxed, aren’t retaining water, and your body temperature is most normal. Never schedule your ring fitting first thing in the morning or right after you’ve exercised.


5. Don’t worry about matching

A common question that comes up during wedding band shopping is “should our wedding bands match?” Contrary to what some may say, your wedding band does not need to match your spouse’s. While choosing coordinating bands is traditional, and still desired by certain couples, don’t feel pressured to match if you two have different tastes. Express your individuality and choose the ring you most love—and let your partner pick the ring that best suits them.

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